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Healthy pregnancies start with prenatal care

We support you through every stage of pregnancy to ensure you are receiving the necessary care and help simplify your to-do list. Rely on our expert care managers to answer questions and provide guidance during this exciting yet busy time.


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Our programs are free to qualified individuals whose employer offers our program. They may include cost saving incentives, as well as one-on-one coaching from our knowledgeable care managers who will provide you with support and resources

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    I’m already enrolled and want to access my online educational resources

    If you are enrolled in a Pinnacle Health Management program, you can access online educational resources anytime. To login, select a program and use the password supplied by your care manager.

    If you have misplaced your password, please contact your care manager.

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    Your Pinnacle account manager is ready to answer any questions or address the unique needs of your employees. If you require additional assistance, our helpful team can be reached at


    If you are not yet a Pinnacle client and would like to learn how we can help improve your employees’ health and productivity, click here.  

    A Supportive and Confidential Service for Expecting Employees

    Our Mom-To-Be program can include:

    • Guided calls with your care manager for personalized attention and answers to frequently asked questions
    • Maternity guide and journal with curated resources for every step of pregnancy and postpartum
    • Free health assessments during the first trimester, 28th week, 38th week and postpartum
    • Assistance with specialty referrals when needed
    • Employer-based incentives can include free prenatal vitamins and a gift card or other financial incentives.

    Did You know?

    Prenatal care lowers the risk of low birth weight and premature birth, as well as identifies complications early on to better care for both baby and mom.

    Enroll today

    Pinnacle Health Management has partnered with employers to offer our Mom-To-Be Program as a helpful resource to guide expectant mothers through each stage of pregnancy. This confidential program is fully paid by the employer and is at no cost to you.

    Important: Eligibility requirements apply. For employees or their covered dependents to be eligible to enroll in the Mom-To-Be Program, they must be expecting and enroll during the specified time period. The program must be offered by their employer through an active partnership with Pinnacle Health Management. Program details are subject to change and will vary by employer.