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Embrace Whole Body Wellness

Pinnacle Health Management’s Wellness Program helps employees embrace whole body wellness. There are many benefits to incorporating a wellness program, including improved employee health and morale, lowered absenteeism, reduced medical and pharmacy costs, increased productivity and engagement, improved employee retention and recruitment of top talent.

Employers are investing more in health and wellness programs to improve the lives of their workforce and to contain costs within their organization as it pertains to health benefits. In fact, employers across the country are expected to increase their spending on wellness programs to support a healthier and more productive workforce.

How it works

Wellness services are customizable to any company’s needs and can include wellness newsletters, wellness challenges, wellness reporting, online presentations, and much more.

Online Presentations

Each quarter, participants will receive a link to a recorded PowerPoint presentation crafted by one of our Care Management nurses. The wellness topics that typically covered are nutrition, physical activity, mental health and weight management. Reports can be fully branded with an employer’s company logo.

Wellness Newsletter

Each quarter, participants will receive our FreshAir newsletter that focuses on popular health topics as well as research on the following areas: hypertension (blood pressure), diabetes, lower back pain and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). Examples of previous articles in FreshAir featured health topics that included pool and sun safety, connectedness, and the benefits of eating certain foods.

Wellness Challenges & Reports

We help your employees embrace whole body wellness by providing customizable wellness challenges that encourage good habits in areas that include nutrition, fitness, and mental health. After each challenge, our team will create a customized report that includes participation numbers, survey results, and an overall summary of the challenge.

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