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Beating the Bloat

If you frequently deal with digestive discomfort and bloating, you probably want to know why it happens and how you can minimize your level of discomfort. We’ve come up with 5 tips to help you reduce bloating: Get probiotics. Good bacteria, also called probiotics, act like friendly

Halloween treats

Healthier Alternatives for Halloween Treats

Apart from the fun costumes, haunted houses, and scary movies, there’s no doubt that Halloween candy is a key component of the festivities this time of year, but we all need to avoid overdoing it on the candy and sugary treats. Whether you’re watching your waistline, cutting

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The 4 Pillars of Health

We believe there are four main elements, or pillars, that contribute to overall wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Management. Balancing these four elements will help you achieve optimal health. Note that balance is an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of this approach. Someone might focus too much on exercise

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Strong Bones

We all know that dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, which makes for strong bones. But did you also know that: calcium is an essential component for mental health? calcium is a vital mineral that can’t be properly absorbed without a proper balance of magnesium? Magnesium

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Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc. Expands Management Services to its Cedar Health and Wellness Center in Santa Maria, Calif.

IRVINE, Calif. (August 1, 2022) Pinnacle Claims Management, Inc., part of the Western Growers Family of Companies (WGFC), has announced it will facilitate patient care as a managing services organization at the Cedar Health and Wellness Center located in Santa Maria, California. This comes after Pinnacle announced

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Stress Management

We experience stress in many areas of life: family, finances, and work, just to name a few. When we manage stress well, it can motivate us and lead to productivity. When it becomes too much, it can overwhelm us and impact the quality of our lives. Sources

Health Management Success Story

Read how one Pinnacle Health Management participant was able to lose weight, reduce blood pressure, and discontinue her calcium medication. “I had long ago given up on the idea of losing weight and was simply thankful for medication to push calcium into my bones and control my

Take a mindful moment using your 5 senses!

With summer right around the corner, there’s no better time to think about incorporating some mindfulness techniques into your everyday routine. Practicing mindfulness helps to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and get better sleep. The best part is that these techniques are often simple and quick. Get started with

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Alcohol Awareness Month

When COVID-19 emerged in early 2020, many of us suddenly found ourselves working from home. Many will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It was a necessary step for keeping our families healthy while remaining employed and productive. However, mental health and substance use disorders

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