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How To Eat And Move For A Better Nights Sleep

According to the CDC, nearly a third of employed adults in the U.S. average less than six hours of sleep per night – much less than the recommended seven to nine hours. And getting your eight hours isn’t just a “nice to have” on your wellness checklist; it’s


The Link Between Anxiety and Exercise

Research is clear that on-and-off anxiety symptoms, as well as diagnosable anxiety disorders, are on the rise. In fact, such an alarming number of people (even children) now deal with anxiety that the condition is being called an “epidemic.” Just how many people have anxiety? The Anxiety

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The 4 Pillars of Health

We believe there are four main elements, or pillars, that contribute to overall wellness: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress Management. Balancing these four elements will help you achieve optimal health. Note that balance is an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of this approach. Someone might focus too much on exercise

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Strong Bones

We all know that dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, which makes for strong bones. But did you also know that: calcium is an essential component for mental health? calcium is a vital mineral that can’t be properly absorbed without a proper balance of magnesium? Magnesium

Women stressing

Stress Management

We experience stress in many areas of life: family, finances, and work, just to name a few. When we manage stress well, it can motivate us and lead to productivity. When it becomes too much, it can overwhelm us and impact the quality of our lives. Sources

American Heart Month

Raise Awareness this February It is important for all of us to do our part in raising awareness about heart disease and promoting a healthy and balanced life. Nearly one-third of Americans have high cholesterol, which raises the risk for heart disease. According to the Centers for Disease

Physical Activity

Many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions in the past, determined to lose weight and get in shape. But many of us have forgotten those same resolutions by February or March. As we enter 2022, let’s make reasonable goals for physical fitness and create a plan

Healthy Holidays

The end of the year and holiday activities are upon us. We look forward to good times with friends and family, as well as many wonderful meals together and the goodies that go with them. It’s a fun time of year and our focus may not be

Q&A with Debbie Bellenger, Manager of Health and Wellness

Health and wellness benefits are evolving because of COVID-19. An estimated 57% of senior leaders are assigning a higher priority to care benefits to better support employees’ work/life balance due to the pandemic, according to recent findings from the Harvard Business Review (HBR). We talk with our

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