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Healthy Holidays

The end of the year and holiday activities are upon us. We look forward to good times with friends and family, as well as many wonderful meals together and the goodies that go with them. It’s a fun time of year and our focus may not be on fitness. It’s very easy to have an extra dessert, go to one more gathering, or skip a workout.

As we make plans for the holidays, try to keep your health in mind. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally will lower the holiday stress and help you feel confident and fit. It will get the new year off to a positive, healthy start. It doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy. Making some adjustments can make a big difference.

Here are suggestions for keeping health a priority during the holidays:

Stay Active

If you cannot do your usual fitness routine, try short 10-20 minute exercise activities, such as elastic bands or a brisk walk around the block. Make exercise fun. Turn a gift shopping trip into exercise by walking the length of the mall a few extra times. Invite family and friends for a nature hike or a soccer match and start a new family tradition.

Find Healthy Food Options

Find recipes that use unprocessed and healthy ingredients. Use leaner cuts of meat. Use natural sweeteners instead of sugar, such as applesauce or honey. If you can’t change what you eat, take smaller portions. Avoid that second piece of pie or extra helping of stuffing with gravy. Drink lots of water.

Manage Holiday Stress

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday excitement. Don’t run around looking for that perfect gift. Plan ahead so you won’t have to take that extra trip to the grocery store. Keep your days simple and don’t over plan. Make time for yourself doing something you enjoy. The last thing you want is to get sick, so take precautions during the cold and flu season. Get plenty of sleep.

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