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Healthy Options While Eating Out

Eating out while you’re watching what you eat can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s some advice on how to navigate restaurants and still reach your goals. Does eating out at a restaurant give you anxiety when you’re trying to control your weight? Or

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Take Steps To Your Goals!

It’s that time of year again, and we all want 2024 to be the year you accomplish new things. Getting your first pull-up. Running your first 5k. Learning to play that piano. Taking that first trip overseas. Let’s be honest, we know for most people new year’s

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How To Eat And Move For A Better Nights Sleep

According to the CDC, nearly a third of employed adults in the U.S. average less than six hours of sleep per night – much less than the recommended seven to nine hours. And getting your eight hours isn’t just a “nice to have” on your wellness checklist; it’s

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Thanksgiving Health Tips

Here are some Thanksgiving health tips, specifically on how not to gain unwanted pounds over the upcoming holiday season! 1. Get Active – In addition to your morning workout, get outside and do something active during the day. Getting outside and creating a fun family tradition —

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Mindful Eating

Many of us in modern society have developed a habit of rushing through meals, not chewing well, and overfilling our stomachs due to social pressures, tight schedules, addictive foods, or scarcity of food. The good news is that we can train ourselves to eat properly. Mindful eating

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Choosing Healthy Oils

Making an oil change is one of the healthiest and most necessary dietary changes a person at any age can make. Switching to healthy oils can help you think and feel better. Eat More Omega-3 Oil This is the healthiest oil change you can make. Even if you


Top Picks for Seasonal Summer Produce

Here are some of our top picks for seasonal summer produce and why they are beneficial to your health. So read up and make a trip to your local farmers market or favorite store. Apples – Not only are apples delicious and inexpensive, they also fill you up

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The Rules of Weight Loss

There’s only one rule you need to follow when it comes to weight loss: Eat fewer calories than you burn. Study after study shows that our bodies obey the laws of thermodynamics, and in order to lose weight, we need to burn more calories than we consume regularly.

Heart as a symbol of life.

How To Follow A Heart-Healthy Diet

Your heart plays a crucial role in your health. It’s responsible for pumping blood throughout the body to supply your tissues with important nutrients and oxygen, and it works tirelessly 24/7 to keep you going. What you eat directly influences the health of your heart, and incorporating

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