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Thanksgiving Health Tips

family playing football

Here are some Thanksgiving health tips, specifically on how not to gain unwanted pounds over the upcoming holiday season!

1. Get Active – In addition to your morning workout, get outside and do something active during the day. Getting outside and creating a fun family tradition — maybe some backyard football — is a great way to have a lot of fun, and work to use some of those extra calories you’re probably consuming Thanksgiving Day.

2. Focus on Protein – Another Thanksgiving health tip when you’re trying to lose or maintain weight during the holidays is to focus on eating more good, quality protein foods. Turkey is amazing. It’s full of tryptophan, protein and other amino acids that can really support your immune system, which can help improve your mood.

3. Monitor Your Meals – Last but not least on the Thanksgiving health tips list, if you want to really keep weight off on Thanksgiving Day, monitor your meals. Pumpkin pie is fine as is a little bit of cranberry sauce, but really try and stick to one piece during the day.

If you do those three things, you’re likely to have a healthier holiday. If you overeat a little bit, that’s fine — just get back on your horse on Friday or Monday.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.