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Get Your Grains

Summer is winding down, and we’re all looking forward to a healthy and productive fall season. The kids will be back in school, the weather will soon become cooler, and the holidays will be right around the corner. Even with all of these changes, we can remain focused on healthy lifestyle habits and continue working toward our fitness goals. One way to do this is to maintain good nutrition and healthy eating habits. Whole grains are high in nutrients and fiber and reduce the risk for heart disease, stroke, and obesity. Dietary guidelines for Americans recommend at least 3 servings of whole grains daily. Refined grains should be limited to 3 or less servings each day. Here are some ways to incorporate more whole grains into your meals:

Eating More Whole Grains

  • Replace processed food / refined grains with whole grain foods. For example, replace white rice with brown rice.
  • Have oatmeal for breakfast. It’s a good way to start the day and get your body what it needs.
  • Have popcorn for a snack. It’s considered a whole grain and contains a lot of fiber.
  • Try new foods that contain whole grains. For example, replace rice with quinoa.
  • Look into baking with whole grains, such as whole-meal flour and oats.
  • Cook extra wholegrains to save time later.

Your Overall Diet

Keep in mind, it is our overall diet that promotes health – not one single food. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Serve legumes, nuts, oily fish, and reduced-fat dairy with your whole grains.

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